New Partner: GoGo Waffles

Unclelau’s BBQ is proud to partner up with GoGo Waffles to provide additional breakfast and dessert options for our customers. For special events and corporate events, we offer Belgium Waffles for breakfast and dessert. Check out their great waffles. Our favorite is their Sugar Waffle. You can eat it just as is without anything. So good!

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Ice Cream “Loti”

Inspired by a street snack from Singapore, my grandmother would make me an ice cream sandwich that she saw during her travels after school every summer. Wrapping ice-cream with a piece of bread, I thought she was crazy until I tried it.
I am happy to present the Ice-Cream Loti

(‘loti’ is the Singaporean Hokkien way of saying ‘roti’, which means ‘bread’ in Malay. )

We make this with Rainbow bread (butter bread with some fun to it) and delicious hand made Fosselman Ice Cream.Ice cream Sandwich

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Korean Kalbi Plate

YUUMMMY! Marinated to perfection. This rib is a little sweet, a little salty but mostly it is a piece of perfectly cooked meat. Topped with white rice, it is beautiful!

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Lahaina Chicken Burrito

I love guacamole! Thus the creation of the Lahaina Chicken Burrito. Filled with guacamole, sour cream, grilled chicken and rice. Every bite is full of flavor.

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I know that not everyone loves SPAM. But we have to have this on our menu because as Hawaiian’s we grew up with Spam in our diet. So we created this spam burger with lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese. Top it with sweet potato fries and it is a hearty meal to carry you through your next meal.

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Not your normal Chicken Teriyaki!

I have tried many chicken teriyaki’s in my days. But I have to say, this is the combination of everything I like in a chicken teriyaki bowl. There is salsa, there are beans and then comes the tasty chicken marinated perfectly with just the right amount of sweet teriyaki. And don’t forget the rice, not all rice is the same, this rice is soft and a little sticky which absorbs all the beautiful flavors very nicely.

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Fabulous Shrimp Scampi from Oahu

If you like shrimp like I like shrimp, then this is a definite MUST try! The shrimp is large and full of flavor. Fresh every day so you don’t have to worry about eating seafood off a truck. Comes in 2 flavors. I like spice in my life so I always go for the spicy. For a lighter palette, the original is not without a lof of flavorful garlic and butter. YUM!

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Delicious Combination Sliders

Fabulous Sliders

Can’t decide? Then try our slider combo. Pulled pork with a tasty au ju sauce or for the bbq lovers the beef brisket is to die for. It has been smoking in our smoker for over 10 hours. For the exotic taste buds, the kalbi slider tops it off with the perfect topping of kimchi.

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